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Derek got fired and now he and his girlfriend don`t even have the money to buy groceries. He heard about this rich dude who pays for fucking other guys` girlfriends and wives and wants them to watch it...

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Mike`s new girlfriend complains about not being able to pass her professor`s exam because the only way to get an A from this old bastard is bribe him and she has no money to do it. Then Mike tells her how he used to make extra cash with his previous girlfriend...

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Even though they did not have money for food, the cutie spoke about her dream cruise. Her boyfriend tried to joke about that for a start but finally gave up and promised to fulfill her dream if she would earn some money by fucking a lad who simply craved for her body...

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They say that many couples quarrel over money and this couple is not an exception. They wanted to go to a cinema but they did not have cash to buy tickets even. The naughty blondie got tired of that situation and she told the lad to call his prosperous buddy and to offer him to fuck her in every possible way in exchange for some extra cash, of course...

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Mary has just begun living with Konstantine and he already offered her to solve the rent problem by selling sex with her to a total stranger. They found a perfect candidate in newspaper personals section and Konstantine really enjoyed watching Mary fuck another guy in every position possible...

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Another scandal regarding the lack of money and not even having a shampoo in a bathroom was just an excuse to invite a rich guy who`d fuck his girlfriend for cash. Mark enjoys watching his girlfriend moan of pleasure as another guy drills her tight wet pussy...

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They want to buy plasma TV-set

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These teens only started living together and they still furnish their flat. They bought a bed and a computer but they lacked for a TV-set. They decided to buy plasma TV-set but they simply could not afford that...

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This young boy is a total pervert. In his fantasies he saw his girlfriend fuck another guy and in order to make his raunchy dream a reality he gave her a relaxing massage and when she was ready for more he said he wanted to invite his friend too...

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Couple in despair - he had problems with cash

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As it often happens, the lad and his girlfriend lost their jobs at the same time. They tried to borrow at least some money from their rich friend but it turned out that he had problems with cash as well but agreed to give them some money in exchange for the hottie’s curvy body...

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The couple finished products in the refrigerator. But the money either. His girlfriend solved this problem through his young body. Imagine how great is to fuck a girl who just turned 18! She is fresh and naughty and you open the world of sensual enjoyment to her vagina...

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Hottie still learns to drive but she already damaged a car of her boyfriend’s father. Oh she loves posh cars but now she knows that it takes much money to fix them. Unfortunately, though her boyfriend has a rather rich father, he has to earn money himself...

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The guy dreamed to see his cutie fuck another guy. He kept that fantasy secret for some time but that day he shared it with his naughty and hot chick. To his surprise, the hottie agreed to fulfill it and to suck and fuck his friend’s dong...

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They say that cards have some special magic and this guy fell under those charms. Unfortunately, soon he understood that he was not that good at playing cards and had to pay off a huge debt. He did not have money to do that but he agreed to give away his cute girlfriend and her itching pussy...

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She needed money to make abortion

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The cutie found out that she was pregnant when she was totally broke.. She wanted to make an abortion but nobody could borrow her any money. That day a friend paid her a visit and told that he could help her with her problem...

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They want a sea voyage, but no money

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When Mike's girlfriend agreed to sleep with his friend to earn the money for a sea trip he thought he'd be able to take it not knowing that there's nothing more horrible for a guy than watching his beloved one kiss another man and spread her pussy to take his cock...

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